About me and my hobbies


*Most important thing to me*
I've always loved making music ever since a kid. I would always sing along to things even though I didnt know the words.
Its been a life long dream of mine to become a Rockstar, so one day I will! Check out Page 1 for more!


*I plan to work with cars in the future*
Cars have also been my favorite thing since a child. My first dream car was the Mini Cooper. Once I grew up a bit I started liking the fast cars My next dream car was the Camaro, then the Corvette, and now since I have an old Dodge charger, my new dream car is a Hellcat. Check out Page 2 for more!


*Something new I picked up recently*
Skateboarding is something I've picked up recently and I'm really excited to pick it up. Once it gets warmer out I plan on getting outside a lot more and learning all the cool tricks I see online. Check out Page 3!