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"New Boston is an old town with not much not do..." -anonymous source

My old town named New Boston has some work to do

It is home to around 8,747 people with not much to do. There is a car wash, a bank, a gas station, a pub, and thats pretty much it I'd like to say the town is still putting in effort to freshen it up a bit though. For example in June, 2019 wayne county helped put in a $5.4 million dollar bridge reconstruction over the huron river.

What it seems is that mostly families of mutiple generations reside in New Boston. Everybody knows everybody! In town lives the older generations, which maybe could be the reason why not much business booms around here. Regardless, I guess size doesn't matter because it is a very peaceful town. There is one good pizza shop called Toarmina's down the road from me and they have pretty good pizza. There a few restaurants that are open mostly in the morning but due to covid there is none of that right now. One restaraunt has been bought and sold like 10 times since I moved here and it still struggles to stay in business.

-Written by Jesse Coats

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